Regular Reviewing:

Mom and RM
  • Artforum, 1972-73
  • Art News, 1971-72
  • Art International, 1973-74
  • D’Art 1998
  • Newsweek, 1979
  • Review, 1996-8
  • Soho Weekly News, 1975-77
  • The Village Voice, 1977-79

Robert Motherwell with April Kingsley

Individual Magazine Articles:

American Ceramics:

American Ceramics Spring 2000.pdf “Kathy Butterly Miniature Moments"

American Rag:

The American Rag, New York, NY, vol. 1, no. 2/3, 1980 "Edward Clark's Luminous Expanses"

Art Express:

  1. Art Express Art on the Beach.pdf  “Provincetown People and Places"
  2. Art Express the look Feb 1982.pdf “Chicago: The Look”
  3. "Public Acres of Art: Artpark and the Leisure Landscape, Art Express, vol.2, no.3.(Summer 1982) p. 58

ARTFORUM Magazine:

  1. May 1972 “Douglas Huebler”
  2. December 1972 April Kingsley on:

Caspar Henselmann

Hannah Wilke

Jean Linder

Tal Streeter

Willem De Kooning

Jack Youngerman

Ed Clark

Yvonne Jacquette, Sylvia Mangold, Susan Shatter, John Moore


4. January 1973  Reviews of:

Gordon-Matta Clark 

Mary Miss

Alice Adams

Susan Smith

Alan Sonfist

Jannis Kounellis

Sylvia Stone

5. ArtForum.Feb.1973.pdf: April Kingsley on Adolph Gottlieb, Harold Bruder, Willard Midgette, Wolf Kahn. Louise Nevelson, Agnes Denes, Giovanni Anselmo, Ronald Bladen, Thomas Bang

6. ArtForum.March.1973.p69.pdf “Women Choose Women” 

7. April 1973 April Kingsley on:

Donald Judd

Ernest Briggs

Edward Dugmore

Michael Goldberg

Harry Kramer

8. May 1973 April Kingsley on Salvatore Romano, Don Cole, Richard Tum Suden, Ed Ruscha, Ray Parker

9. February 1976 Vol 14 Np. 6 “Labyrinths"

10. Artforum May 1976 “Labryinths: Philadelphia College of Art

Art Gallery Magazine:  

June 1971: Los Angeles

Summer 1971: Los Angeles

Art In America:

Art In America Summer 1973.pdf  “Budd Hopkins on Budd Hopkins”

"Review," Art in America, May/June, 1974, p. 108.

Art International:

  1. January 1973 "New York Letter"
  2. February 1973 “New York"
  3. March 1973 "New York"
  4. April 1973 pgs 53-54. “New York Letter”
  5. May 1973 "New York”
  6. Summer 1973 “New York”
  7. October 1973 “New York"
  8. December 1973 “New York"
  9. April 1973 Arts international  “Energy and Order, the Paintings of Budd Hopkins”
  10. April 1973 “New York Letter"
  11.  “The Mad Logic of Georges Noel” March 1974 pdf
  12. “Jack Tworkov” April 1974
  13. New York Letter April 1974
  14. “Nora Speyer” May 1974
  15. “New York” Summer 1974
  16. “Ronald Bladen” September 1974
  17. Jan/Feb 1981”The Primal Plants of Buffie Johnson"

Art News:

  1. Reviews, 1971
  2. “Joyce Kozloff” January 1972
  3. “James Brooks: Stain into image” December 1972
  4. Art News Summer 1973 Mary Frank.pdf

Arts Magazine:

  1. Arts Mag April 1972.pdf “Concept vs. Art Object: A conversation between Douglas Huebler and Budd Hopkins”
  2. Arts Magazine Kingsley.jpg Letter to the Editor
  3. “James Brooks: Conversation and Critique” April 1975
  4. “Fritz Bultman’s Sculpture: Opening and Closing” December 1975
  5. April 1978 “Six women at Work in the Landscape” P 105
  6. Toby Buonagurio, April 1980
  7. Arts Magazine, November 1981 “Pat Lasch: Death and Transfiguration"
  8. Arts Magazine February 1981.pdf “From Explosion to Implosion: The Ten Year Transition of William T. Williams"
  9. Arts Mag Sept 1985 Adolf Gottlieb.pdf “In the Fifties: Different Time Require Different Images”
  10. Arts Mag May 1986 Kline.pdf  “Franz Kline: Out of Sight, Out of Mind”
  11. Arts Magazine November 1986 “Livio Saganic: The Obsession is with Permanence”
  12. Arts Magazine September 1989 "The Bigness of Small: Ira Joel Haber’s Art"

Arts Quarterly:

Arts Quarterly Summer 1993.pdf “Constructing in Color: Fritz Bultman’s Collages and walls” PDF

Burlington Magazine:

  1. The Burlington Magazine, Vol. 128, No. 1004 (Nov., 1986), pp. 834-835.pdf “Morris Louis”
  2. The Burlington Magazine, Vol. 128, No. 997, pp. 300-301 April 1986 “The Vital Gesture: Franz Kline"
  3. The Burlington Magazine, Vol. 129, No. 1011 (Jun., 1987), pp. 419-420.pdf  “Roy Lichtenstein’s Drawings"
  4. The Burlington Magazine, Vol. 130, No. 1021, Special issue on Twentieth-Century Art (Apr., 1988), pp. 315-316.pdf “ Frank Stella: Works 1970-1987” Working Draft copy
  5. The Burlington Magazine, Vol. 130, No. 1023 (Jun., 1988), pp. 492-493.pdf  “Cezanne Sketchbooks from Basel” PDF
  6. The Burlington Magazine, Vol. 130, No. 1024 (Jul., 1988), pp. 561-563.pdf “Baziotes, Newman, Motherwell, Dehner, Hare"
  7. The Burlington Magazine, Vol. 131, No. 1030 (Jan., 1989), pp. 59-60.pdf “Drawings of Phillip Guston"
  8. The Burlington Magazine, Vol. 131, No. 1036 (Jul., 1989), pp. 508-509.pdf “The 'Primitive' and Some Recent Sculpture"

 D’art International:

  1. Winter1999 Perfection.pdf, Perfection 2-5.pdf
  2. Spring/Summer1999  drawing the line.pdf

Dialogue Magazine:

Dialogue 10, no. 3 May/June 1987 “The Impact of Criticism”

Dialogue Nov/Dec 1988 “April Kingsley on the Art World"

Fiber Arts:

Fiber Arts March 1995.pdf “Unraveling the Weave"

Glass Magazine:

  1. Glass Magazine Spring 1997.pdf “Warm is Hot"
  2. Glass Magazine "The Making of Modern Art Glass” 
  3. Glass Magazine Lucartha Kohler, Spring 1997
  4. Glass Magazine “Mary Shaffer, Pioneer” April 1999

Horizon Magazine:

  1. Horizon, April 1984 “The Images of Time: Henry Moore"
  2. Horizon May 1980.pdf “Camille Pissaro"
  3. Horizon June 1980.pdf “Phillip Guston’s Endgame” PDF
  4. Horizon, December 1979 “The Sacred and Erotic Vision of Balthus

The Jewish Herald Voice:

“Esthetic asceticism pervades works of Rudolf Baranik” December 16. 1977

Ms. Magazine:

“The I-Hate-To-Cook ‘Dinner Party’” June 1979 pgs 30-31


  1. But what does it mean.jpg “Kenneth Noland’s Lapse” PDF
  2. Newsweek 7.9.1979.pdf “The Great Body Snatcher"
  3. Newsweek May.pdf “Drawings of a Titan”
  4. Newsweek August 6, 1979 “Conflict in Color"

Provincetown Advocate:

  1. 1974 Edward Hopper

Provincetown Arts:

  1. Ptown Arts 1985 “Franz Kline in Provincetown”
  2. Ptown Arts 1986 “Impressionism in Provincetown"
  3. Ptown Arts 1987.pdf  “The Observer as Intruder” 
  4. Ptown arts 1988.pdf  “Women Artists at the Frontiers of Modernism”
  5. Ptown Arts 1991.pdf “Book Review”
  6. Ptown Arts 1990.pdf “Hans Hofmann Mid Century"

Review Magazine:

  1. Review June 1996.pdf  “Epistle 3: On the Trail of the Magical"
  2. Review Nov 1996.pdf “Spanning the World"
  3. Review May 1996 “Burckhardt, Horvath and Wilson Landscapes at Tibor de Nagy”
  4. Review May 1996 “Second Installment"
  5. Review Feb 1997.pdf “Craft Consciousness"
  6. Dintenfass.pdf  “Marylyn Dintenfass"

Shuttle, Spindle & Dyepot:

Shuttle Spindle and Dye.pdf  “Conceptual Craft"

SoHo Weekly:

  1. January 1976 “Motherwell, Bultman and Ross Uptown"
  2. February 1976 “Art or Aesthetics?”
  3. February 5, 1976 “The Interiorized Image”
  4. April 1976 “Who Says Mondiran had No Children?”
  5. Undated “Pat Adams”
  6. December 18, 1975 “Art Book Gifts"

Surface Design:

Surface Design Fall 1998.pdf  “Emily DuBois: The Cosmogenic Weave"

Village Voice:

  1. Village Voice “Joyce Kozloff” November 17, 1977
  2. Village Voice Nov.28.1977.pdf “Opulent Optimism”
  3. Village Voice November 1977 “Flesh was the Reason Oil Paint was Invented"
  4. Village Voice Dec.12.1977.pdf “Art for All”
  5. Village Voice Jan.23.1978.pdf “Absorbing, Amping, Beaming”
  6. Village Voice May 15, 1978 “Art"
  7. Village Voice 5.22.1978.pdf “Narrating Life’s Existential Fuck-Up"
  8. Village Voice 9.11.1978.pdf  “Black Artists: Up Against The Wall”
  9. Village Voice Sept 25, 1978 “Ah! Revisionism"
  10. Village Voice 16 October 1978  “Art Goes Underground”
  11. Village Voice Jan 15, 1979 “Visions and Revolution” 
  12. Village Voice Jan 29, 1979 “Frank Stella: Off the Wall”
  13. Village Voice Jan, 1979 “New Imagery Keeps its Cool"
  14. Village Voice Mar 19.1979.pdf “Getting it Together”
  15. Village Voice April 16.1979.pdf  “Planes in Space”
  16. Village Voice May.28.1979.pdf “Sticks and Stones”
  17. Village Voice June.29.1979 “Overcoming the Double Whammy"
  18. Village Voice June 1979 “The I-Hate-to-Cook-Dinner Party"


“Pat Adams” First issue Spring 1976

Woman’s Art Journal:

Woman's Art Journal, pp. 1-6.pdf  “Sexual Imagery in Women’s Art”

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